ACCF Services

The African Caribbean Citizens Forum is a local organisation that provides support to the African, African Caribbean and Mixed Heritage community in Leicester and Leicestershire and organisations wishing to engage with the community.

We do this in a variety of ways:-

  • • Work with a range of partners to represent the views of the community on how services are provided and should take into account the needs of the community. Partners include Leicester City Council, Leicestershire Police, the NHS, local media, other voluntary and community groups and local businesses
  • • Act as the main communication and consultation channel for and with the African and African Caribbean community. This includes electronic mailing facilities and a website calendar which can be used to promote your group’s activities and services for the African Heritage community
  • • Advocating on behalf of the community on issues of concern and promoting the positive contribution that the African Heritage community make to Leicester and Leicestershire
  • • Provide support to voluntary and community groups to help them meet the needs and challenges faced by African Heritage communities in Leicester and Leicestershire
  • • Help voluntary and community groups, charities and social enterprises to manage themselves effectively and in line with legal requirements
  • • Helping groups and volunteers to plan, promote and run events within the local community such as the annual African and African Caribbean Achievements Awards
  • • Act as a point of contact and provide advice and information on and for the African Heritage community in Leicester and Leicestershire. This includes research and a data base of African and African Caribbean organisations and services
  • • Providing advice, information and signposting to voluntary and community groups and individuals
  • • Providing mentoring and coaching to those running voluntary and community groups
  • • Providing practical support and help to volunteer run, led and managed groups without their own facilities such as document retention, administration and co-ordination
  • • Providing information on local services and organisations that can help you
  • • Promoting opportunities for training, learning and employment